Does Tai Lopez care about biopreparedness?

Tai Lopez is a money making mogul that has specialized in social media advertising.

He is known for spitting off the cuff knowledge about business strategy in interviews and podcasts. What does he preach?

Don’t be afraid to take action, for one.

He emphasizes this point several times throughout interviews, noting that it is usually our own mind holding us up from achieving success. Among other things he emphasizes, girls pay HIM to hangout with him, he owns all his cars, and he has met Joel Salatin, whom he calls one of his mentors, several times at events.

But not everyone is on board with what Tai talks about. In fact, a lot of people hate him for his glamorous cars and attractive women partying at his house daily. And no, he isn’t peddling skincare creams or organic meal replacement shakes, he actually makes his money from multiple businesses in different industries.

Here’s what one T Lopez follower asked him on a recent Facebook video:

“Tai, what would you experience if you gave everything you own, I mean everything everything, away??? How fast would it take you to have that which you gave away and 10 x more??? Most people that come from poverty, that made it to the top live with fear of loosing it all so they often surround themselves with as much as possible. But if you gave it all away to your fans or followers, would u still be strong enough to have it all again plus more and how fast???”

Questions like these could easily expose vulnerabilities within his businesses, so it’s no surprise they are left unanswered.

Or how a bout this one:

“Why are you even saying this stuff trying to be a philosopher I told you everyone situation is different our here in the world period. The trouble with these so called entrepreneurs and so called millionaire mentors or self made billionaires think they know everything. You can impress me by not do stupid giveaways but actually help less unfortunate people around the world that desperately need it! What the hell your going to do take Your Lamborghini your Ferrari, not to mention your precious cash your money your billionaires of dollars to your grave when your 6 feet under? Huh? Especially you yourself having no wife, children to think about. Think about that Mr. Private Jets to Miami, Mr. Courtside at the Clippers games. You not getting any younger think about this do you really think these woman you got in your videos half naked really like/or love you?”

But not everyone is out to expose Tai, or take him for everything he’ll give. There are some of his followers, like Lisa, who are fed up with everyone with their hand out and greedy selfish eyes:

“Stop asking him for money. Care about him as a human being and wish him well without all the strings attached. As he continues on his path, he has invited people to observe his steps and learn from them… Fantastic. As for his soul… what is the point of announcing such personal matters? Only our Creator has the power to impact a soul. And honestly… go to your prayer closet and pray for people instead of coming across as holier than thou. You all want him to be saved so he invests his money accordingly? Check yourself and your intentions. Tai knows he is blessed. He gives you all thousands of dollars, offers you trips to NY and cars… Stop being needy beggars. Instead go help the people in your area who have less than you do and you will come to a better understanding of just how blessed you all are… You all have FB accounts, Youtube accounts, Twitter feeds… There are children who simply want a clean glass of water to drink and a safe place to rest their heads at night. It infuriates me when I read comments from people asking for money. Build your own empire. Put your hand to the plough. And stop concerning yourself with other people’s souls and how they spend their money. Spend your energy investing in reaching your potential.”

So whether you like the guy or not, bottom line is, worrying about someone else’s life isn’t going to help you achieve your goals.

Start a recipe blog like The Foodista, review tactical backpacks like Best Survival, or build a real estate empire like Realtor Boise – there are so many options when it comes to getting something started to provide income and let you be the boss.

As long as you are keeping the focus on your health, wealth, and happiness, you shouldn’t have time to worry about what other people are doing.

You can take the advice from those around you that you trust, but never put your own success on hold to observe someone else achieve theirs.

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